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Definitely Recommend!

My Crafts always arrive timely, thank you. I’m really impressed with my purchases. I’ve always wanted wooden kitchen utilities, and I’m happy I ran into you. Craft Zambia, you’re awesome..

Myra Moses
South Africa

Out of the box

It’s really an amazing and humbling feeling to know that I have such an crafty online store just in my neighboring country – Zambia, offering wonderful and out of the box services to the globe. Keep up with the good work!

Comfort Hakalo
South Africa

Thumbs up!

I can honestly say that I have never had an easier, more satisfying, online shopping experience than that with Craft Zambia. I love your delivery time, your premium support, and the easy navigation around the store. Thumbs up!

Dark Designs LTD
Houston, TX, United States

Excellent Customer Service

I want to thank you for your superb customer service. You have been SO helpful and extremely patient. I really appreciate that. It has been lovely doing business with you.

Kabuyi Lodges LTD

Kitchen’s Best Friend

I must admit am very impressed with Craft Zambia, and the crafts you offer on unbelievable prices. It is lovely how you’ve turn my kitchen into a whole new wooden look. Thank you for you.

Esther Josephs


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