Small Round Smoke Ash Tray


This lovely wooden small size round ashtray looks perfect when you use it in your house, office, coffee shop or bar. Perfect as a wonderful gift to your friends, it’s carved in the shape of wooden disks stuck together to form a wooden bowl.


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Great tool for holding cigarette ash to keep floor and table top clean and tidy. This piece is made from high-grade wood. It is extensively used for smoking and offers impeccable solutions.

The entire crafting process is done in house, from gathering wood responsibly, to cutting, drilling, and finishing, all by hand. The wood we use are sourced locally and varies. That means the bark color and texture might differ from the photos above. Dimensions still remain the same!

* Handmade item
* Material: natural wood
* Ships worldwide from Zambia
* You must be 18 or Older to purchase any Tobacco Related items
* Note: due to HANDWORK, the color of wood may slightly vary from the picture

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