About ME

In three words, I'm an Adaptable, Resourceful & an Enthusiastic Entrepreneur.
To me, every Problem is an Opportunity to improve and excel.

Using WordPress,
I design and develop dynamic websites, from 'online web stores,' 'personal web blogs,' 'online magazines,' 'corporate websites,' 'business websites,' 'community websites,' 'e-learning systems,' and more, plus offer support. In some cases & where necessary, I use other languages.

I have corporate groups I manage; The Twalila Group, The RMI group and The Stunner Group. Click on any respective group name to learn more, and view the tree branches under.

Second from it all, I offer....

What I do

Web Development

I develop anything from Online Stores, to Online Education systems, Personal blogs, Corporate websites, Church Websites, NGOs and all. Once your site is up and running, or during the development process, I will also teach you how to run your site, how to update it, and how to make any sought of change you may wish to make.

Software Servicing

Have you ever had data in your USB flash drive but can not see nor access it? You, are infected. You need a software service. You need, a virus cleansing service. From laptops to desktops powered by Windows, & partly mobile devices – Android and all, I service software – updating, virus cleansing and all.


I offer Consultation services in a numbers of respects. These include, but not limited to, Web Development, Web Tutorials, Software Troubleshooting on most Windows machines, Basic Accounting, Business Plan drafting, Basic Auto Mechanics, and more…

The Team I work with

John Yamba

John Yamba

Business Adviser | Vaala
Bless Mwiinga

Bless Mwiinga

Web Designer | Assistant
Kevin Mwale

Kevin Mwale

Business Adviser | Academia

My Web Clientele

Twalila Express ZM

Let me use you as an example; “How often do you find yourself needing food, groceries & all from Shoprite, Pick n Pay, KFC, Burger Queen, Pizza Hut & all?” Chances are, almost always. Question! do you usually find time to physically go & do your shopping?


Visit Twalila Express.


Craft Zambia

Craft Zambia is dedicated to promoting high quality Zambian contemporary craft. We’re a small team behind the scenes, based in Lusaka, working within the Craft industry. Crafts changes rapidly, with new ideas, new products, new techniques…


Visit Craft Zambia.


Formerly known as Zambia Shanty Development Organization, is an NGO formed on the concept of Love. It was established on 12th October 1996 in order to participate in community development in view of the many social and economic problems in peri-urban…

Visit LIHOF.

Served Clientele

Online Stores
Corporate Sites
Serviced Machines